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 Random Zombie Stuff (Brains?)

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PostSubject: Random Zombie Stuff (Brains?)   Random Zombie Stuff (Brains?) Icon_minitimeThu Oct 21, 2010 5:17 am

Subject Z81 seems to lack pain receptors... or the intelligence to use such information. It seems only severe head trauma would be enough to stop Z81 should it attack. Limbs can be removed with little to no mobility loss, Z81 seems able to adapt to almost any injury we strike upon it. Z81 also seems to be able to "graft" other limbs onto itself if they are of the same blood type (O+) and it has an open "node" available.

Z81 reacts to sound and smell stimulants, but it seems his vision is limited to black and white with a blurry mask. This leads me to believe Z81 would be able to track it's prey over great distances but rely on luck to capture it. Z81 seems to possess an almost primal sense of smell.

Z81 is capable of thought but seems not to rely on it. A deep instinct to feed and survive is what causes it's actions and... violent behavior. Coincidently, Z81 relies heavily on the segment of the brain that handles reasoning, but I think it may have mutated to something completely different.

It seems Z81 has a constant fight or flight reflex. In this case only fight. The heart rate of Z81 is at it's lowest the rate of an angered human and at it's most it cannot be measured correctly. Z81 cannot "relax" it seems, and this leaves him with an active, if unused, mind.

Z81 "Boy-o"
Height: 6.5 ft.
Age: ???
Gender: Technical Male

Falling, weightless, from a midnight sky...

Turning, twisting, wishing I could fly...

My life has no truth, and I can't land on a lie...

So I fell through the ground as it passed me by...
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Random Zombie Stuff (Brains?)
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