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 Story: Abzedal, Ressurection

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Story: Abzedal, Ressurection Empty
PostSubject: Story: Abzedal, Ressurection   Story: Abzedal, Ressurection Icon_minitimeThu Nov 04, 2010 6:27 am

[i]Space, Black and endless, it is one of the things that will never share all of it’s’ secrets. Sure we can map it and explore it. But we will never know what it is. And most people fear what they cannot learn, know and see. So it’d be smart to just leave it alone and work on improving the world we live on…
-Quote from Earth during its’ expansion Era.
Aliens? Yea, there’s probably some out there that we haven’t found. But they’re nowhere near us. What do you mean “Encounters?” Just about all of them were hoaxes or stealth aircraft fly-bys. In all the ten systems that we’ve explored and colonized there hasn’t been a single sign of sentient life.
-Interview during Humans Golden years.
We have now found alien artifacts in our seven hundredth anniversary of space travel! We hope to find out what it is and it’s in our thirty fifth system. For all those who wanted this day to come, it’s here and we will soon find out if this race is still alive or not!
-Announcement near the end of Humans Golden years.
The alien artifact was a prison for some race that is a lot more advanced than us! And it’s hostile so the group that found it all died… Our hammer-down protocol is going to be activated to end this before it can get further. Long live the SPEF (Space Protection Expeditionary Force).
-Emergency message ending the Golden years

Earth is our last haven…Our fleet is retreating again to us…I tell everyone to get on the first ship you can. Our fleet will scatter all over the universe to hide from this threat… Try to regroup one day but for now it---Interruption--- This is Admiral Floy! Everyone on the transports they’re here! MOVE IT PEOPLE NOW!!

The Abzedal drifted across space with the visibility of a black hole. On board a crew of half a million, all connected to the main computers in the centre of the ship. Should it be placed in front of a two hundred kilometre wide and fifty kilometre high white board it would be possible to make out it's design, a 21st century naval destroyer. The last refuge of mankind, truly an amazing feat.

Inside the behemoth, a cloning station sparked wildly. The nearby technicians all scurried to stop the unexpected abnormality. Inside the metal pod a baby convulsed... and then a small child... then a teenager... and then, a man. The man's limbs fluxed as the muscle tissue seared and ripped to enhance his strength. Should anyone have seen the violent cracking and stretching of the bones they would have been sick. The once average sized man now reached eight feet and his skin was stretched to a thin cover. Beneath his muscles could be seen, bleeding with the force.

The pod slid open, and the man crashed to the ground with a powerful thud. Bloodshot eyes and blood flowing from his ears and nose gave him the look of a dead man. None of the technicians had called for a medical crew, and were surprised as they rushed in and bundled the man onto a stretcher.

'This is an abnormality,' Lorissa Val, a medical tech on floor 132 stated the obvious 'It seems the cloning age has been accelerated greatly and some new systems activated during the process. Brain scans read an IQ exceeding five hundred...' she ran her hand along the thin skin 'Skin has been stretched beyond normal limits, held together mainly by the cloning jelly and sheer luck.' The recorder clicked as she walked over to the x-ray board displaying the skeletal system... it clicked again. 'The subject seems to have... three hundred or more bones, including a second ribcage that slots into the first. This provides a suit of armour rather than a bone structure...' 'Upon further examination the existing regular bones appear to be larger.' She placed an exact-x-ray over his hand 'The bone structure appears to be a honeycomb as a bird's but much more condensed in a way that would make them actually stronger than the regular mammal bone structure... taking blood samples now.'

'Blood type... wait, there seems to be no exact type. It fluxes between all of them,' it was technically impossible 'Bone marrow sample seems normal, just a little more condensed like the actual bone structure.' Lorissa picked up a hammer 'Testing...' she held back some bile 'Fracture resistance...' the hammer came down with an almighty slam, she didn't mean to do such a powerful strike. In any case the bone held strong 'Testing force exceeded, the bone structure still holds. I'm sending up a DNA sample to doctor Lucias Zed.'

Lucias sat with his legs up on a table constructed by books, surrounded by more books, and sitting on a chair of books. He had practically every book they had found in his study, and was currently reading another, "Six Sacred Stones". The DNA sample was distant in his mind 'Lucias! Have you check the sample!?' he fell off of his book-chair. Much like him to forget to turn down the radio... 'I'm, err, looking at it right now,' he walked into a second room, pristine white and sterile 'Everything looks normal,' he placed the sample in the scanner and pretended he did so before 'Very bori--' the scanner read a line of DNA data 'Holy shit...' 'I KNEW you hadn't done it yet,' 'Call back later,' he flicked the radio off and threw it aside. The DNA was more related to canines, but it also held trace elements of other wildlife and miraculously a line of Tioflido DNA mixed in somewhere. 'What in the name of...'

Lorissa listened to the heart rate of the man. It was four times faster than the human rate, in flight or fight reflex. Suddenly a mighty and huge hand snapped onto her neck and her eyes widened. The man sat up, and lifted her up off of the ground doing it! He was choking her slowly, and her vision was going dim... he was going to.. kill... her... suddenly everything went limp on the man and Lorissa crashed to the ground, gulping greedily for air and coughing.

Just as Lorissa stood up with the help of a counter Commander Jarkas Abyss walked in. With the scene he instantly drew his pistol (a high velocity long range variant of the desert eagle with little recoil, designed by Lucias Zed) and scanned the room. 'D-don't bother,' Lorissa hacked loudly 'What the hell happened?' she pointed to the man and Jarkas snapped his gun up once again 'He's asleep.' Jarkas holstered his gun but didn't do up the clip 'This is the guy, then?' he looked over the man but remained a good distance from his long reach 'It's just not normal, everyth-' Lucias burst through the door and slammed a laptop with overdone force onto the counter 'Look at this!'

Everyone looked at the screen that flashed a brilliant red "error" message. Behind it showed no less than 20 species of animal DNA that matched certain segments or the man's DNA. 'What does this mean?' Lucias smiled, he loved being the only one who knew something, 'It means that the man is not exactly a man, he's actually more Tioflido than human,' Jarkas drew his gun again and brought it dead level with the "man"'s head. Lorissa and Lucias moved in unison to stop him. 'Why the hell not!?' Lucias pointed to the computer 'This is not normal. And we can learn much! This ship made him be it by glitch or by human action. We don't even have half these specimens to extract DNA from in the first place,' 'Then where in the fu--' 'We don't know where we got them.'

The "man" was renamed "Bob" by Lorissa and Jarkas locked him in a holding cell. Lucias watched over Bob 24/7... well, for as long as he didn't pass out due to lack of sleep. For three weeks Bob was asleep, and his skin slowly healed. By the time it was perfectly healed he woke up. With a voice only an eight foot tall man with stretched vocal cords could muster he demanded freedom. Jarkas entered, guarded by four of his best men. He sat down at a table as if he were interrogating Bob. The giant looked truly humorous slouched in the chair to diminish his size. 'So, why did you try and kill medical staff?' in a deep and solemn voice Bob said 'It was a mistake,' Jarkas leaned forwards 'But you didn't know who she was?' 'No.' Jarkas smiled thinly 'So you would have killed anyone nearby at the time, she said you only released her when you passed out,' 'It was a mistake,' Jarkas rolled his eyes 'Why did you try and kill her,' the giant shifted uncomfortably 'I sensed threat.' Jarkas leaned in even closer, 'You've never experienced threat before, how do you know what it is?' 'I don't know.' Jarkas was practically touching Bob now 'You were going to kill her,' 'I was not,' 'You were. We both know you would have crushed her slender neck between those ham sized fists and watched as the life flowed out of her, wouldn't you!?' The giant stood up with enough force to slam the tiny metal chair into the wall with a dent. He breathed heavily, his fists clenched and ready to strike... but he didn't. Jarkas walked out calmly, the soldiers followed quickly.

'Seems to have had advanced brain matter transfer,' Lorissa shook her head 'He came in with blood coming out of his ears and nose, it seems like a whole quarter may have been transferred...' Lucias didn't blink 'From who?' Lorissa shook her head 'Cloning records claim more than twelve brains were spliced. That's twelve good men we won't get back, at least not normal.' 'Seems he would have killed you,' Lorissa's face went white as a sheet. 'We should see what he really knows, do you want to do it?' Lorissa nodded silently and Lucias handed her a folder.

'Hello,' she sat across from the man and without four soldiers behind her. She tried her best to appear calm. 'My apologies,' she was confused 'I was not aware of your role,' Bob hung his head. 'It's okay, I guess. I'm going to test you with some mathematical and history questions, is that alright?' Bob nodded 'Two plus two?' the answer came instantly, and correct. After forty nine more easy questions Lorissa decided she would try a real one 'Four million three hundred and twenty four thousand nine hundred and fifty eight times forty three,' the answer came instant 'One eight five nine seven three one nine four.' Lucias looked up from his calculator in amazement.

Lorissa took a full minute to work it out herself, with paper 'Amazing...' Bob didn't seem to think so. 'Shall we try some histo--' 'Playing-cards were known in Persia and India as far back as the 12th century, a pack then consisted of 48 instead of 52 cards. The first animal in space was the female Samoyed husky named Laika, launched by the Soviets in 1957. Napoleon‘s christening name was Italian: Napoleone Buonaparte. He was born on the island of Corsica one year after it became French property, and as a boy Napoleon hated the French.' Lorissa didn't have a clue if any of those were accurate and Lucias was quickly keying them into the database. All came back correct 'Well damn.'

A number of formalities were done for Bob's intelligence, including one with blocks. He solved a rubix cube in a minute and could sing several songs start to finish with perfect pitch. Jarkas was blown away 'Glad you didn't shoot him?' 'Not really.'

For a year the three of them took care of Bob. He liked his name as it turned out. Lucias played video games and read books to Bob who soaked them up quickly. Lorissa taught Bob medical procedures and terms, he passed the examination test after a few months of study (the usual being four or five years) and became a qualified doctor. Jarkas taught Bob the ways of war and strategy, Bob soon became too good at tactics for Jarkas. The world's most powerful chess computer was defeated in just thirty moves and Bob wondered if there was another difficulty level. It was like a family, everyone helping the child learn about the world. As the new year came, Bob had passed beyond his mentors... and he seeked a new purpose.

Falling, weightless, from a midnight sky...

Turning, twisting, wishing I could fly...

My life has no truth, and I can't land on a lie...

So I fell through the ground as it passed me by...
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Story: Abzedal, Ressurection
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