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 The Folly Of Humanity

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PostSubject: The Folly Of Humanity   The Folly Of Humanity Icon_minitimeThu Feb 24, 2011 4:15 am

Is it right that humans can receive healthcare for free? To be healed of any ailment for a "humane" price or even by the government? Some would say yes, but when you think of the sister product to healthcare for humans you see it's barely fair.

Vets will gouge the wallets of any human trying to save a life. It does not matter if the animal is their best, or only friend. It does not matter if the animal in question is a peaceful and love inspiring being.

Doctors will gouge the wallets of any human, but only as much as they can and still be seen "humane". The person could be a drug dealer, murderer, or all around prick and they will still be treated as if simply being of the intelligence to complain warrants them the title of "king" or "queen".

A vet will see your animal, they will look it over, they will pretend animals are their life. Maybe they are. But when it comes down to it "That will be ten thousand dollars for your dog's hip operation" is all they really do.

Humanity seems to value itself more and less than any other species on the planet. They war, and they preach "Don't war," all the time out for themselves or a small group they are in.

An animal, no matter what species, is destined to survive. Territorial disputes are as close as they get to war, and even then they are never out to "kill", only to "survive."

Surely this mighty celestial orb is large enough to be accommodating to a range of beliefs and ways of life? Surely one can believe in god and someone next to him can not?

The fact is no matter our beliefs we thing that THEY ARE RIGHT. We can think there is no god, one god, twenty gods, that our god demands human sacrifice, that our god values peace over all, or like some that a god is just a way to explain that we can not.

The truth it that without a "god" the human race is the proverbial "god". The human race can destroy the "lesser" beings with a stomp or with their weapons, like a god. The human race can be benevolent, giving food to a dog, can be cruel, taking it away. The human race is a god in itself, each one being a god. Seven billion gods, all thinking that they are right, and the others are wrong except for those who have identical beliefs.

Maybe we read it wrong, "GOD". Just turn it around, "DOG". That's right, a dog could just as easily be what they meant originally. I mean, why not? Dogs are at peace with such simple needs. Food, water, companionship. This is all they need. They don't need money to buy flashing and shining objects, they don't need to force a belief on to others.

So, the next time you think of a god why not compare them to a dog in a good household? Does your god seek only to please? Does your god have such simple needs? Does your god want anything from you?

Well, if you still think that particular god is the best you can keep it. I'll stick with my dog, Misha, and live happily without worrying about having beliefs. I'll just feed my god and play with my god. Have a nice life and possible afterlife.

Falling, weightless, from a midnight sky...

Turning, twisting, wishing I could fly...

My life has no truth, and I can't land on a lie...

So I fell through the ground as it passed me by...
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The Folly Of Humanity
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