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 Ideas I'll forget

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PostSubject: Ideas I'll forget   Thu Dec 02, 2010 8:54 am

Yeah yeah, From the constant persistance of Zed, I've made this place for everyone o.o. Got an idea for a story? That you'll most likely forget the following day? Post it here! Judging other peoples work, will of course force me to ask Zed to lower your status or ban you for awhile. So in the interest of everyone, No judging!!

The constant thrash of the sea waves on a cliff. The heavy spray causing the land to live far above the chaotic scene below. The dawn causing the area to shine just right...To somehow have a ship crash into several of the sharp rocks. The holes in this massive frigate surely didn't help keep it above water for more then seven seconds. This ship of course wasn't the only vessel to fall victim to this beautiful landscape. Most survivors say they don't really see it, until it is a few feet in front of them. The small island this all happens on is in the middle of a large shipping lane. Through the many protests the people who hire the ships and crews still order them to follow this route. No one could ever foresee the coming blackness...All it took was one ship...The lane was shut down and several armadas set sail to combat this newly grown threat. Out of the nearly three hundred ships, only two returned. Fully empty and heavily damaged they crashed into the port. The public wasn't aware of this threat, or if they did know, they didn't know what exactly...
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Ideas I'll forget
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