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 The World As They Knew It

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What Is The Meaning?
Nukes rock!!!
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The eventual destruction of the world is assured.
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The human race slaughters unknowingly.
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Life is eternal.
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Guns rock!!!
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Every other race and creature sucks.
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It's fun to kill helpless animals.
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A fifteen year old kid has a decent theory.
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Dinosaurs weren't mentioned!!
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PostSubject: The World As They Knew It   Sun Nov 21, 2010 7:52 am

The world was born and grew alone.

And then life came from the space around, crashing down on the fields.

Life began as simple organisms, thriving in the conditions they had.

They soon evolved, they grew limbs and bodies - minds to think.

But still, it was run by instinct and power ruled above.

Life died, life was born anew, and eventually a new species rose in the world.

Humans grew fast, learning how to survive united and not held by basic instinct like other creatures they had begun to think strategically.

Humans themselves evolved, becoming smarter and more powerful.

They protected themselves, developed farming to stay in one place.

Housing to live in, safe from the elements and the creatures run by instinct.

They explored, travelled the land and sea driven by curiosity or necessity.

They soon found that all could not have what they wanted, not all followe their views and beliefs.

They discovered their gods or false idols and rose up to slaughter each other in the name of them.

They developed weapons and cultures, forever evolving in technology.

Eventually a great war came. Like nothing any had seen before.

Smaller creatures fled from the fire and smoke the war machines left in their wake.

The world warred for six years.

The world was left scarred, many had died without true purpose.

Survival against belief rather than threat had been achieved.

Time passed.

They warred again.

Six more years, many dead and many more scarred.

Now many more years pass.

Acceptance had come along. But those accepted still wanted their own ways.

They now killed with terror inducing weapons.

So now the human race faces another war.

This smaller war lasted decades.

Powerful men readied powerful weapons.

Not spears or rocks or guns or knives or even simple bombs.


They readied nuclear devices.

Twenty of these weapons flew across the world.

The world was shattered, the smaller creatures killed as a side effect.

A million years passed.

And then...

The world was born and grew alone...

Falling, weightless, from a midnight sky...

Turning, twisting, wishing I could fly...

My life has no truth, and I can't land on a lie...

So I fell through the ground as it passed me by...
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The World As They Knew It
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